This is an extension of the plugin SublimeCakePHP for SublimeText that contains snippets for the BsHelper and the Bs3FormHelper

By: WebAndCow Last Updated At: 2013-09-25


Email queues and Mailer Shell to send emails via cron. A CakePHP 2 plugin

By: pronique Last Updated At: 2012-03-06


A growing collection of useful components, behaviors, helpers, and libraries for CakePHP 2.1

By: pronique Last Updated At: 2012-03-03


Extension of the CakePHP's FormHelper and HtmlHelper to use the framework Twitter Bootstrap v3.0.0 more easily

By: WebAndCow Last Updated At: 2014-08-06


MultiTenant CakePHP Plugin - Use this plugin to easily build SaaS enabled web applications

By: pronique Last Updated At: 2014-07-26


CakePHP Setup Plugin - containing useful management and debugging tools for CakePHP apps

By: dereuromark Last Updated At: 2014-07-10


CakePHP behavior to automatically create slugs for your URLs from database records

By: eberfreitas Last Updated At: 2014-06-26


A CakePHP (2.0) plugin enabling transfer/manipulation/embedding of files in 23 ways.

By: bmcclure Last Updated At: 2014-04-18