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rich97 / LoggablePlugin

User Management has:controller has:helper has:model version:2.x

Log and display visits to your site and visit details.

rich97 / cmp

Plugin Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:model version:2.x

Content Management Plugin: A very simple admin plugin to aid the development of bespoke content management systems.

rich97 / acp

Authorization has:model has:readme version:2.x

Access Control Plugin: A simple replacement for CakePHPs default ACL, designed to complement Authsome from Debuggable Ltd.

rich97 / CakeFM

File Managers/Uploading has:controller has:model version:2.x

File manager plugin for CakePHP based on

rich97 / Image-Resize-Helper

View has:helper version:2.x

Rewrite of to be expanded upon.