CakePHP Icing Plugin - Portable Package of Handy Utilities for CakePHP

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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2020-07-17 [TU-3] Updates request calls for when we're using JSON as ElasticSearch 7.8.0 doesn't support application/x-www-form-urlencoded
2020-07-16 CTU-82 Resolve CakePHP 2.7+ deprecation notices
2020-07-16 Add support for String -> CakeText deprecation
2020-07-16 CTU-81 CTU-40 Resolve CakePHP/PHP7 deprecations
2020-07-16 CTU-40 CTU-82 Resolve notEmpty/notBlank CakePHP validation deprecations
2020-07-16 Remove version-specific amendments
2020-07-16 Replacing set:: with Set::
2020-07-16 CTU-219 Changing query key from fields to _source
2020-07-16 Changing error message detection
2020-07-16 Adding table name to index name to distinquish indexs as site_env_table vs just site_env
2020-07-16 re CR-370 - enable debugging to better research deadlocks. This will enable logging of queries only in the event of errors containing 'try restarting transaction'
2020-07-16 Adding soft delete feature to increase performance, (#18) * Adding soft delete feature to increase performance, instead of deleting an forcing reindex on the fly, we'll simply mark the record for future removal. CR-311 #32h * Updating Travis CI yml * Updating Icing fixture * More optimizations * Fixing fixture
2020-07-16 Adding global disable ability, defaulted to true.
2020-07-16 Fixing typo
2020-07-16 Converting to disabled flag instead of enabled flag as enabled is a cakephp configuration key.
2020-07-16 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into simucase-upgrade