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2018-08-01 Return '' on echo $this; for TwigView This will fix {{ _view.assign('foo', 'bar') }} and similar uses (that are a bit wrong and should be {% _view.assign('foo', 'bar') %}; Latter will hopefully be fixed in 5.x - however templates then will need to be updated at some point before this hack can be removed again.
2018-08-01 Use initialize() instead of overriding constructor. Simplify helper list generation.
2018-08-01 Add umpirsky/twig-php-function as dependency. It provides extension to easily access PHP functions as filters.
2018-08-01 Load umpirsky/twig-php-function extensions
2018-08-01 Backport #69 to 4.x
2018-08-01 Updated till latest dependencies
2018-08-01 Add "config" function.
2018-08-01 Update
2018-08-01 Make config and env enabled by default but lets you turn them off if you prefer to
2018-08-01 Updated dependencies
2018-08-01 basic => potential_dangerous name for PotentialDangerous
2018-08-01 Correct fallback order so all extensions are check before falling back to the next path on the list
2018-08-01 Update TwigTemplateTask for upcoming bake changes. To solve cakephp/bake#395 I had to add an additional parameter to the public `bake` method. While this is OK from a backwards compatibility point of view, it does trigger a strict error in this plugin. I've also fixed the issue present in cakephp/bake#395 that was also found here.
2018-07-30 Bumped CakePHP to latest
2018-07-30 Bumped PHP to ^7.1
2018-07-03 Solve `format` filter conflict cause in f9be3b19c63ad1cf8bbf43ce39278e2d81ab4ba3, reported by @nojimage, at #87