[READ-ONLY] Provides connection managing and traits for Entities and Queries that can be reused for…

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Date Commit Message
2023-05-23 Document "sortableFields" and "finder" options for the paginator.
2023-04-08 Fix up nullable props.
2023-04-08 Add more proxy methods having doc + runtime annotations.
2023-04-08 4.5 Prototype of result set deprecations. I wanted to put this up for review as an approach to improve the workflow issues outlined in #17046. Once we're happy with the approach for these deprecations, I'll apply it to the remaining `CollectionInterface` methods.
2023-04-08 Avoid unnecessary (re)assignments.
2023-04-08 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2023-04-08 Fix logic in fetchModel.
2023-04-08 Add fetchModel() and un-deprecate loadModel() When figuring out how we could add deprecations to loadModel() we uncovered that this would be very hard because of how loadModel() is used. The deprecation of loadModel() was primarily driven by wanting to avoid the 8.2 dynamic property deprecation from PHP. We can add a deprecation ourselves for that problem with a suggestion on how to resolve this problem. Deprecating loadModel() would also create a rough upgrade path to other locator based implementations (like in usemuffin/webservices). Instead we can retain loadModel() and add fetchModel(). Throughout 5.x we can encourage users stop using loadModel(), and start using other methods.
2023-04-08 4.5 Add deprecations for most of ModelAwareTrait Adding deprecations to loadModel() is tricky. While it is important for this method to emit a deprecation so that developer can fix their usage, we also use it internally quite extensively to load ORM models. We might need a more elaborate solution to emit deprecations for this method. One option that comes to mind is only emitting deprecations for non-ORM usage. We *could* have a `loadModel()` method in 5.0 that emits deprecations.
2023-04-08 Fix up issues detected by IDE
2023-04-08 Throw an exception invalid "order". Refs #16909
2023-04-08 Fix up issues detected by IDE (#16977) Fix up issues detected by IDE
2023-04-08 Consolidate code fencing in exception messages. (#16956) Consolidate code fencing in exception messages.
2023-04-08 Fix up TypeError cases found by PHPStan level 7/8
2023-04-08 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2023-04-08 fix cs
2023-04-08 Fix more phpstan errors.
2023-04-08 rebase
2023-04-08 Add runtime deprecations for class aliases We added many class rename deprecations during 4.x but didn't include runtime deprecations for them. Adding runtime deprecations in 4.5 will encourage developers to update their code before the breaking change in 5.0 Refs cakephp/docs#7561
2023-04-08 Fix up typehints and finish adding remaining methods.