[READ-ONLY] Provides connection managing and traits for Entities and Queries that can be reused for…

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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2022-12-19 Fix EntityTrait::_accessible annotation
2022-12-19 Fix up generic docblocks.
2022-12-19 Bump psalm to v5 for intersection types support.
2022-12-19 Rename QueryInterface::repository() to QueryInterface::setRepository(). This harmonizes the name as per the naming convention followed throughout the framework where all getter/setter method pairs have get/set prefix.
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 Fix up assoc return docblocks.
2022-12-19 Fix up assoc return docblocks.
2022-12-19 Fix up assoc docblocks. (#16689) Fix up assoc docblocks. Co-authored-by: ADmad
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 Use assert() for asserting valid class types. This allows the assertion code to be totally skipped in production using the zend.assertions ini config.
2022-12-19 Replace RuntimeException with CakeException, DatabaseException or InvalidArgumentException
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 fix TableLocator::get() with options throw exception if model mocked. (#16604) * fix TableLocator::get() with options thrown exception if model mocked. * Update tests/TestCase/ORM/Locator/TableLocatorTest.php Co-authored-by: Mark Scherer
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 Update PHP version constraint in split packages.
2022-12-19 Fixed type hint for accessible
2022-12-19 Use class-string directly in annotations
2022-12-19 Rename paging param.
2022-12-02 Get accessor just before it's checked/used
2022-12-02 Fix loading of old interface. Closes #16867
2022-12-02 Ensure loading of deprecated classes. This fixes "Class not found" errors when they are used in type declarations or instanceof checks.
2022-12-02 Fix classname
2022-12-02 allow setting sortDefault & directionDefault when order contains multiple key => value pairs this brings functionality in line to what happens when starting to sort via pagination links (indication of current sort order via sort links, possibility to have a link without sorting params when using default order)