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2020-07-05 Code review adjustments.
2020-07-05 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-07-05 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-06-23 Add description for `@method` annotations.
2020-06-23 Fix errors reported by phpstan and psalm.
2020-06-22 Add description for `@method` annotations.
2020-06-22 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-06-22 Fix errors reported by phpstan and psalm.
2020-06-22 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-06-21 Add merge option to InstanceConfig trait This addresses the problem raised in b81ebffe
2020-06-21 phpcs fixes and add a test for when deleting should fail
2020-06-21 use a boolean flag for loading default config this prevents problems where the configarray is emptied deliberately and then unintnetionally re-loaded with the default config
2020-06-21 harden method signatures
2020-06-21 merge by default
2020-06-21 make config chainable
2020-06-21 Docs.
2020-06-21 Add property $_config to StaticConfigTrait. This avoids having to declare the property in each class that uses the trait.
2020-06-21 determine read/write from the number of func arguments rather than whether the value is null. Prevents problems with for example: $inst->config('setthis', 'some value'); // or the default ... $something = $couldBeNull; $inst->config('setthis', $something); which would be pretty confusing. Also add the possibility to delete a config key - same use case/example as above
2020-06-21 phpcs fixes
2020-06-21 they should _not_ declare a config property
2020-06-21 Avoid creating multiple instances of ClassLoader.
2020-06-21 Renamed folders "Cake" to "src" and "Test" to "tests".
2020-06-21 add an instance config trait
2020-06-21 Moved view files under "Template" folder.
2020-06-21 Update doc blocks.
2020-06-21 Added the letter s to a comment.
2020-06-21 Make the wannabe fully qualified namespaces in docblock tags actually fully qualified by adding leading backslashes. Resolves #2870
2020-06-21 Fix docblock/function signature mismatches (parameter name typos, wrong parameter types, missing parameter tags, invalid/wrong/missing return types, missing/unnecessary leading backslashes for namespaces, etc...)
2020-06-21 Use semantic version for since doc block
2020-06-19 Make TranslateBehavior use the same locator as AssociationCollection.
2020-06-19 Dynamically create plugin instances When a plugin does not define a plugin class, it is more helpful to the end user and plugin maintainers for us to dynamically create an instance. This also adds consistency between Plugin::load() and addPlugin(). All hooks will be enabled on the dynamic class to maintain consistency for when a plugin does define a class. I've added tests to help ensure that BasePlugin doesn't emit errors when routes/bootstrap files are missing.
2020-06-19 replace for loop with array_diff
2020-06-19 Fixes issue with saveMany and exceptions
2020-06-19 Fixing style errors.
2020-06-19 add trim to make clientIp method always return string
2020-06-19 add empty string if REMOTE_ADDR not exists
2020-06-19 remove else after return and inline assignment
2020-06-19 add @return to setTrustedProxies method
2020-06-19 Fix fetchAll(obj) only getting one record. Refs #12230
2020-06-19 fix clientIp method
2020-06-19 Deprecate the read side of join() and from() These methods were missed in previous get/set sweeps. Having mixed return types makes life harder as we add more typing. Refs #12225
2020-06-19 Deprecated View::uuid() as it's unused in core.
2020-06-19 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-06-19 Fixing style errors.
2020-06-01 Add missing @var tags to constants
2020-06-01 Ignore invalid CS error. Prep for codesniffer v4.2.
2020-06-01 Code review adjustments.
2020-05-25 Added missing @var tags and fixed @inheritDoc use.
2020-05-25 Merge branch '3.x' into
2020-05-24 Add missing @var tags to constants
2020-05-24 Ignore invalid CS error. Prep for codesniffer v4.2.
2020-05-24 Add iterable type into generator doc.
2020-05-24 Upate psalm's annotations/config.
2020-05-24 Use psalm override.
2020-05-09 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-05-09 Attempt to please phpstan.
2020-05-09 Fix CS for easier 3.x/4.x comparison/merge.
2020-05-09 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/master' into
2020-05-09 Fix up string[] docblocks.
2020-05-09 Fix docblocks
2020-05-09 Merge branch 'master' into
2020-05-09 Updated links from to
2020-05-09 Revert "StaticConfigTrait::getConfig($key) return type"
2020-05-09 Backport 4.x orFail() for config.
2020-05-09 Fix docblock
2020-05-09 Replace remaining integer debug levels references
2020-05-09 Fix CS - empty values last in docblocks
2020-05-09 Fix newlines around psr2
2020-05-09 Docblock fixes: Backport PR 13563
2020-05-09 Fix recusion when exporting configuration data. Stop infinite recursion when creating an error message about different configuration values when the configuration data has the component object inside an option/closure. Fixes #13452
2020-05-09 Expand typehints for getConfig() It can return any type so indicate that. Refs #13437
2020-05-09 StaticConfigTrait::getConfig($key) return type StaticConfigTrait::getConfig($key) may return int/string/float with custom configs
2020-05-09 Backport from 4.x: Fix docblocks around bool false.