Work easily with arrays and iterators by having a battery of utility traversal methods

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2022-12-19 Update PHP version constraint in split packages.
2022-12-19 Replace RuntimeException with CakeException, DatabaseException or InvalidArgumentException
2022-12-19 Bump psalm to v5 for intersection types support.
2022-12-19 unify exception string building
2022-12-19 Fix errors reported by phpstan.
2022-12-19 Use ::class instead of get_class().
2022-12-19 Drop duplicate method. It's already provided by CollectionTrait.
2022-12-19 Start to replace `@var` with assert() While `@var` annotations are good for convincing static analyzers of types, we could still encounter runtime warnings. Using assert() will convert those warnings/notices into exceptions. If folks like this approach I can apply it to the remaining classes in managable chunks.
2022-12-19 Merge branch '5.x' into replace-annotation-with-assert
2022-12-19 Update phpstan config
2022-12-19 Improve type declaration/detection. Removed assert() calls just before return a value. It provides no practical benifit other than throwing an AssertionError instead of TypeError when the method already has a typed return.
2022-12-19 Fix CS errors
2022-12-19 Fix errors reported by psalm.