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kenners / uamuzi-bora

Application has:app has:config has:controller has:datasource has:elements has:helper has:lib has:license has:model has:readme has:view license:mit version:2.x

New main fork is here: A basic HIV Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system using CakePHP.

lecterror / neutrinocms

Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:model version:2.x

NeutrinoCMS is a lightweight CMS written in CakePHP, targeted at software developers

loadsys / CakeFest-Tweets

Application has:config has:controller has:elements has:helper has:lib has:model has:readme version:2.x

Loads Tweets with CakeFest in contents and increments users number of tweets

lorenzo / osmosis

Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:locale has:model has:shell has:view version:2.x

Modular Learning Management System based on the concept of connectivism and web 2.0

maurozadu / CUIT-Validator

Application has:readme version:2.x

Función para validar CUIT/CUIT de Argentina, empaquetado como plugin para CakePHP y con casos de testing

OverFlow636 / phpantry

Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:model has:themed version:2.x

Project for managing your groceries and pantry inventory.