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0x20h / Baklava

Asset Handling has:config has:helper has:lib has:readme version:2.x

transparent css/js compressor for cakePHP 2.0

1Marc / cakephp-user-listings-application

Application has:config has:controller has:model version:2.x

Simple directory system built on CakePHP, used for a project Unite.MN that never got off the ground.

abailiss / CakePHP-website-title-and-character-set-component

Third-party Apis version:2.x

Allows you to easily retrieve the page title and character set of an external website.

abbasali / S3Upload-Behavior

File Managers/Uploading has:readme version:2.x

CakePHP Behavior to upload files to Amazon S3

adael / Fset

Other/Unknown has:license license:mit version:2.x

Simple class for manage arrays with dot notation

ADmad / cakephp-glide

has:app has:helper has:middleware has:tests license:mit version:3.x

CakePHP 3.x plugin for using Glide image manipulation library.