A CakePHP plugin for I18n related tools.

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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2020-07-07 Update for CakePHP 4.
2020-07-07 Fix CS errors
2020-07-07 Fix CS errors.
2020-07-07 Update dependency constraints
2020-07-07 Update command names
2020-07-07 Explicitly set command names to override core ones.
2020-07-07 Don't show "invalid selection" message when quitting
2020-07-07 Set command names
2020-07-07 Fix travis config
2020-07-07 Update command names
2020-07-07 Replace i18n shell/tasks with commands
2020-07-07 Add whitelist callback
2020-07-07 Use new style route placeholders.
2020-07-07 Update travis config
2020-07-07 Fix CS errors
2020-07-07 Update to phpunit 8
2020-07-07 Fix composer config
2020-07-07 Update travis config.
2020-07-07 Fix errors reported by static analysis.
2020-07-07 Update psalm's config
2020-07-07 Update metadata files
2020-07-07 Update static analysis checks
2020-06-14 Rename whitelistCallback to more meaningful ignoreRequestCallback.
2020-06-14 Fix CS error
2020-06-05 Fix method name
2020-05-23 Remove duplicate config
2020-05-23 Update cakephp dep. to avoid pulling Zend packages
2020-05-23 Fix CS error.
2020-05-23 Update readme. closes #40
2020-05-23 Fix deprecation error in test
2020-05-23 Fix CS error
2020-05-23 Update README.md
2020-05-23 Merge branch 'master' into cake-4.x
2020-05-23 Use value of I18n::getDefaultLocale() as default language
2020-05-23 Zend => Laminas
2020-05-23 Fix CS errors