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adael / Fset

Other/Unknown has:license license:mit version:1.3.x

Simple class for manage arrays with dot notation

cakephp / csfnavbar

Other/Unknown version:1.3.x

Top bar navigation for CakePHP domains

chroposnos / Advertising-Croogo-Plugin

Other/Unknown version:1.3.x

This plugin manage ads (creation, monitoring). Every ad can redirect to a given URL and may register click counting.

chroposnos / flickr_module

Other/Unknown has:behavior has:config has:controller has:elements has:license has:model has:resource license:mit version:2.x

A plugin for Croogo CMS for displaying random flickr public photos of a given user in a block.

firecreek / Site

Other/Unknown has:config has:controller version:2.x

Croogo template plugin for custom site methods

gourmet / common

Other/Unknown has:app has:behavior has:composer has:config has:controller has:datasource has:elements has:fixture has:helper has:lib has:license has:model has:panel has:readme has:tests keyword:common keyword:gourmet keyword:plugin license:mit version:2.x

Apart from being the base to all other gourmet plugins, this plugin extends some of the CakePHP core functionality (i.e. full support of logging scopes, more complete base test case, better app configuration, etc.).