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cakephp / cookbook

Application has:resource version:1.3.x

Official CakePHP Cookbook/Online Manual Repository

chroposnos / poll

Plugin Application has:resource version:1.3.x

Croogo plugin to create and manage polls.

chroposnos / flickr_module

Other/Unknown has:behavior has:config has:controller has:elements has:license has:model has:resource license:mit version:2.x

A plugin for Croogo CMS for displaying random flickr public photos of a given user in a block.

chroposnos / video_widget

View has:resource version:1.3.x

This croogo plugin displays a video inside of a block. The video could be from the following providers: Youtube, Vimeo, Myspace, Veoh, Blip, Viddler and DailyMotion.

chroposnos / cumulus

View has:resource version:1.3.x

This croogo plugin creates and displays a block with a 3d tag cloud. It takes all the tags of the nodes.