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dereuromark / upgrade

Developer Tools has:composer has:config has:readme has:shell has:tests has:travis license:mit version:3.x

Upgrade tools for CakePHP meant to facilitate migrating from one version of the framework to another

elboletaire / docs-cake-plugin

Developer Tools has:config has:controller has:readme version:2.x

A simple CakePHP plugin that parses/renders markdown files

evilbloodydemon / netbeans-cakephp-bundle

Developer Tools version:1.3.x

Set of CakePHP code templates for NetBeans inspired by TextMate bundle

FriendsOfCake / vagrant-chef

Developer Tools has:readme has:travis version:1.3.x

a vagrant installation with all the necessary chef cookbooks to run a basic cakephp application

gourmet / sublime

Developer Tools has:license has:readme license:mit version:1.3.x

This plugin aims to help CakePHP developers using the Gourmet suite of plugins.