CakePHP Error Handling packages

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joebeeson / referee

Error Handling has:license has:model has:readme license:mit version:2.x

A CakePHP 1.3+ plugin for catching errors and exceptions and logging them

josegonzalez / stylish_errors

Error Handling version:1.3.x

Creates Rails-style error messages in your view (with session messages included!). Just add "echo $errors_for_layout;"

josegonzalez / database_logger

Error Handling has:readme version:1.3.x

The example CakePHP DatabaseLogger as a repository

majna / EmailLog

Error Handling has:log has:readme version:2.x

Email storage stream for Logging on CakePHP 2.x

majna / FireLog

Error Handling has:log has:readme version:2.x

FirePHP storage stream for logging on CakePHP 2.x

seguer / cakephp-formsession-plugin

Error Handling version:2.x

FormSession is a CakePHP plugin/component that allows you to save model data and error validation stuff to Session, saving and retrieving it across actions/controllers.

zeroasterisk / CakePHP-monitor-plugin

Error Handling has:config has:model has:readme has:shell version:2.x

A plugin monitor suite, you can tie into your cakephp application, and export to monitoring services