CakePHP Internationalization packages

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ceeram / validati18n

Internationalization version:1.3.x

Internationalised Validation Behavior, validate behavior for CakePHP 1.2

hiromi2424 / translate

Internationalization version:1.3.x

日本語訳プロジェクト。 Project for translation in japanese.

jadb / localized

Internationalization has:license license:mit version:1.3.x

[DEPRECATED] Backporting `Localized` plugin to Cake 1.2 while allowing a transparent integration into the default model validation

jamiemill / cakephp_localize_time

Internationalization has:tests version:2.x

A plugin to help localizing time on the way in and out of the model.

jamienay / postal_validation

Internationalization version:1.3.x

An improved version of the CakePHP 1.2 Validation::postal() method to allow multiple countries to be passed.

josegonzalez / retranslatable-behavior

Internationalization version:1.3.x

Stop worrying about populating your translation data AFTER you have your app built and database populated