CakePHP Testing packages

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hiromi2424 / Cake2-Test-Suite-Inherit

Testing has:lib version:2.x

Try to make subclass of testsuite of cakephp 2.0 dev core's one

Hyra / PHPUnit-Cake2

Testing has:readme has:shell has:tests version:2.x

PHPUnit files needed to run PHPUnit as standalone in Cake 2.0

ichikaway / CakeEpicSaxGuy

Testing has:lib version:2.x

Play Epic Sax Guy video when test failed.

jamiemill / cakephp_escaping_test

Testing has:shell version:2.x

A plugin to inject nasty stuff into your database and visualise where it leaks through into the views

jboesch / CakePHP-JavaScript-Unit-Testing

Testing has:app has:config has:readme has:shell version:2.x

Run JavaScript unit tests in CakePHP from the browser and the command line using Jasmine. Output the results to JUnit XML!

jeremyharris / extended_test_case

Testing has:readme version:2.x

Extended test case class for CakePHP that makes for a better testAction() experience.

jlis / Cake-Seed-Shell

Testing has:config has:readme has:shell version:2.x

A simple shell for CakePHP to work with seed files for easy use of testing data.

k1LoW / fake

Testing has:readme has:shell version:2.x

Fixture generator plugin for cAKEphp.

lecterror / cakephp-js-tests-plugin

Testing has:controller has:model has:readme has:tests version:2.x

CakePHP plugin for JavaScript unit testing and code coverage

loadsys / TestJs

Testing has:config has:controller has:lib has:readme has:shell has:tests version:2.x

Skeleton view files and assets for testing browser js code.

radig / cakephp_jenkins

Testing has:readme version:2.x

Template files to build CakePHP Aplication with Jenkins CI