Abstract file storage and upload plugin for CakePHP. Write to local disk, FTP, S3, Dropbox and moreā€¦

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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2019-04-11 fix url generation in cake if hash is empty
2019-04-11 Merge branch '2.0' of https://github.com/burzum/cakephp-file-storage into 2.0
2019-04-11 Added test for Image::imageUrl
2019-04-11 code chore
2019-04-11 code cleanup
2019-04-08 Only load the plugin during test suite bootstrap when lower than CakePHP 3.7 That's BC for < 3.7.0 but now we need to load when CakePHP is newer.
2019-04-08 Try not to manually install/update composer & the dependencies This currently doesn't work anyway.
2019-04-08 Do not allow failures in Travis CI with PHP 7.3 We dependd on a compatible version of Gaufrette now.
2019-04-08 Allow Gaufrette 0.7.x & 0.8.x side by side We need to support from PHP 7.0 upwards and Gaufrette 0.8.x does not support PHP 7.0 anymore.
2019-04-08 Update Gaufrette to 0.8.1 This should fix the dreaded '"continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break". Did you mean to use "continue 2"?' error. - knplabs/gaufrette updated from v0.7.0 to v0.8.1 See changes: https://github.com/KnpLabs/Gaufrette/compare/v0.7.0...v0.8.1 Release notes: https://github.com/KnpLabs/Gaufrette/releases/tag/v0.8.1
2019-04-08 Allow failures in Travis with PHP 7.3 Because our dependency Gaufrette contains a PHP 7.3 incompatibility: There was 1 error: 1) Burzum\FileStorage\Test\TestCase\Model\Behavior\FileStorageBehaviorTest::testAfterDelete "continue" targeting switch is equivalent to "break". Did you mean to use "continue 2"? /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/vendor/knplabs/gaufrette/src/Gaufrette/Util/Path.php:30 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/vendor/knplabs/gaufrette/src/Gaufrette/Adapter/Local.php:37 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/src/Storage/StorageManager.php:171 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/src/Storage/StorageManager.php:148 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/src/Storage/StorageManager.php:126 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/src/Storage/StorageTrait.php:44 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/src/Model/Behavior/FileStorageBehavior.php:161 /home/travis/build/burzum/cakephp-file-storage/tests/TestCase/Model/Behavior/FileStorageBehaviorTest.php:107
2019-04-08 Load Plugin for CakePHP greater or equal 3.7.0 Solution found at: https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp/issues/12682
2019-04-08 Add empty Plugin class
2019-04-08 Comment out full if clause, not just body
2019-04-08 Add backwards compatibility to CakePHP lower than 3.7.0
2019-04-08 Remove unnecessary plugin loading of Burzum/Imagine
2019-04-08 Simplify path extraction
2019-04-08 Update to CakePHP 3.7.5
2019-04-08 Add PHP 7.3 to test suite
2019-04-08 Fix CS
2019-04-08 Skip log set config in bootstrap if already defined
2019-04-08 Fix deprecated warnings for CakePHP 3.7
2019-04-08 Fix CS