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burzum / cakephp-file-storage

File Managers/Uploading has:behavior has:composer has:config has:entity has:helper has:lib has:license has:readme has:shell has:table has:tests has:travis keyword:abstraction keyword:file keyword:filesystem keyword:media keyword:storage keyword:upload license:mit version:3.x

Abstract file storage and upload plugin for CakePHP. Write to local disk, FTP, S3, Dropbox and more through a single interface. It's not just an uploader but a complete solution.

cakephp / database

has:composer has:license has:readme keyword:abstraction keyword:database keyword:pdo license:mit version:1.3.x

[READ-ONLY] Flexible and powerful Database abstraction library with a familiar PDO-like API. This repo is a split of the main code that can be found in https://github.com/cakephp/cakephp