[READ-ONLY] Flexible and powerful Database abstraction library with a familiar PDO-like API. This r…

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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2023-01-07 Fix incorrect variable names.
2023-01-07 Fix regression from security fix backport
2023-01-06 Disallow strings in limit() and offset() Back in 68a08a2 int casts were removed in limit() and offset(). This opened up the possibility for applications to provide unsafe user input into these methods and create an injection vector. We've been trying to narrow the accepted types, so instead of adding casting I've added an exception when strings that are not number shaped are provided.
2022-12-30 fix docblock
2022-12-19 Add InsertQuery class. Split code specific to INSERT query generation into a separate class.
2022-12-19 Add SelectQuery class. This splits the code to generate SELECT queries into a separate class.
2022-12-19 Use constants instead of strings.
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 Deprecate unused properties.
2022-12-19 Remove unused properties.
2022-12-19 Use assert() for asserting valid class types. This allows the assertion code to be totally skipped in production using the zend.assertions ini config.
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 cleanup variables before return
2022-12-19 Add DriverFeatureEnum and change Driver::supports() to use it
2022-12-19 Make Driver::supports() abstract
2022-12-19 Merge DriverInterface into Driver
2022-12-19 Replace RuntimeException with CakeException, DatabaseException or InvalidArgumentException
2022-12-19 Update PHP version constraint in split packages.
2022-12-19 Merge branch '4.next' into 5.x
2022-12-19 Use class-string directly in annotations
2022-12-19 Allow use some additional config for old sqlserver (#16571) Adding the encrypt and trustServerCertificate options to improve compatibility with old sqlserver and obdc18.
2022-12-19 Add ability to get logger instance from db driver. The Crud plugin for e.g. has a feature of including query logs in serialized responses for debugging purposes. This features breaks without a way to access the custom logger it sets for the drivers.
2022-10-30 Ignore error reported by phpstan
2022-10-30 Update psalm
2022-10-30 Fix `cakephp/database` depending on `cakephp/log`.
2022-10-30 Update readme. Refs #16827