CakePhp Plugin for EPS bank transfer payments

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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2020-07-05 Fix tests
2020-07-05 Dispatch events in try-catch blocks + Additional logging information
2020-07-05 Switch back to BIC for PaymentRedirect
2020-06-22 Breaking: Use banke name instead of bic in PaymentRedirect * Use the epsUrl for SendTransferInitiatorDetails
2020-06-22 CakePHP 4.0 migration
2020-06-21 Logging with log levels
2020-06-20 Composer require EPS lib 2.0
2020-06-20 PascalCase BanksArray cache name
2020-06-20 Throw exception instead of returning error array in PaymentRedirect
2020-06-20 Fix payment notification route
2020-06-20 Separate cache key for TestMode
2020-06-20 Fix usage of TestMode for GetBanksArray
2020-06-20 +TestMode support
2020-06-20 Revert "Only use dev version of EPS lib in require-dev" This reverts commit 4a6542c34a826d5ab233d1eb44cfe499aa911d4f.
2020-06-20 Only use dev version of EPS lib in require-dev
2020-06-20 Switch to dev-master for EPS lib
2020-06-13 Fix logging scope
2020-06-12 Use events instead of callback methods
2020-05-18 Security salt in sub array
2020-05-18 Whitespace cleanup
2020-05-18 Use namespace::class notation instead of string in tests
2020-05-18 +mandatory config parameter encryptionKey