CakePHP Payment Processing packages

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anthonyp / CakePHP-Braintree-Plugin

Payment Processing has:config has:controller has:datasource has:helper has:lib has:license has:model has:shell license:mit version:2.x

CakePHP plugin to facilitate interacting with's API using Transparent Redirect and Vaulted credit card information

chronon / ggapi

Payment Processing has:config has:readme version:2.x

A First Data Global Gateway API CakePHP Plugin Component

jpablobr / SkipjackComponent

Payment Processing has:readme version:2.x

Cakephp component for connecting to Skipjack API and submit credit card orders.

kunalspunjabi / CakePHP-PayPal-IPN--instant-payment-notification-

Payment Processing has:app version:1.3.x

Paypal vendor and IPN implementation for "buy it now" and "subscription" transactions

morrislaptop / payments

Payment Processing has:model version:2.x

Payment log and payment gateway behaviors for CakePHP

pointlessjon / authnet

Payment Processing version:1.3.x

An DataSource and Plugin for CakePHP 1.2+

ProLoser / CakePHP-Cart

Payment Processing has:config has:controller has:datasource has:helper has:model has:readme has:shell version:2.x

One plugin to package together all the tools needed to build your own shopping cart in CakePHP