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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2020-10-15 Use raw parsing mode for asset_compress.ini This will avoid parsing issues due to special characters like "^" in URLs.
2020-09-27 Update asset paths. Fixes #283
2020-09-23 Ignore stickler on cake-4.x until it get's cake4 standard.
2020-09-23 Use select2 instead of selectize. Selectize is buggy and doesn't seem to be maintained currently. I have retained it's use for autocomplete() as I haven't used that feature and thus not sure of the changes required to use select2 instead.
2020-09-23 Fix CS error
2020-09-23 Fix errors reported by phpstan
2020-09-23 Updates as per core changes
2020-09-23 Don't auto add "delete" button if it's blacklisted
2020-09-23 Add CSS class for button group items.
2020-09-23 Fix template folder casing.
2020-09-23 Update method for template file name.
2020-09-23 Fix "use" statement.
2020-09-23 Fix templates path.
2020-09-23 Fix property visibility.
2020-09-23 Fix variable/property usage.
2020-09-23 Fix typehint
2020-09-23 Fix model class usage.
2020-09-23 Move/rename template files.
2020-09-23 Fix CS errors.
2020-09-23 Update travis config
2020-09-23 Update for Cake 4.
2020-09-23 Switch to flatpickr datetime picker. Refs #261