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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2019-12-08 FileManager: Fix i18n domain
2019-12-08 Update AUTHORS.txt
2019-12-08 Update VERSION.txt
2019-12-08 Update VERSION.txt - 4.0.3-snapshot
2019-12-07 Fix: Missing domain argument for __d()
2019-12-01 Install: Catch all exceptions including missing database
2019-11-28 Fix: Adjust crud messages
2019-11-28 Core: Fix error layout to have the load css/js like default.ctp
2019-11-28 Nodes: Incorrect create link with type
2019-11-28 Core: Fix blackHoleCallback
2019-11-28 Revert "Core: Remove leftover cake 2.x named params support" This was not cake named parameters. :( This reverts commit d50193aaa12a9f7817e889586ac3c6fc24f717f8. See related feature commit by dakota: 3ff7138048cce41a1004b4820f2d44de90389f35
2019-11-27 Core: Use ServerRequest
2019-11-27 Core: Allow use of Js::buffer() in Core frontend theme
2019-11-27 Core: Improve serialized request params in LayoutHelper::js()
2019-11-27 Core: Remove leftover cake 2.x named params support
2019-11-27 FileManager: use aliasField() instead of hardcoding alias
2019-11-27 Install: Setup trackable to avoid constraint errors
2019-11-27 Nodes: Use publish_start field instead of created Closes #903
2019-11-27 Core: Populate publish_start
2019-11-26 Users: Add missing Trackable
2019-11-26 Core: Populate publish_start