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Recent Activity

Date Commit Message
2018-12-05 Copy files from xintesa/assets
2018-12-05 Make URL filter work on redirect routes Redirect routes cause the request parameter to be null, this causes an internal server error as the URL filter in the translate plugin tries to get a parameter from the request. This change makes the request parameter optional.
2018-12-05 Merge branch 'pr-867' * pr-867: Validate unique slug for terms Closes #867
2018-12-05 Validate unique slug for terms
2018-12-05 Fixed typo #866
2018-12-05 Trashcan to minus for unregister in asset list.
2018-12-05 Remove as requested Closes #873
2018-12-05 Fix: Incorrect rss link for '/' route when running under subdir
2018-12-05 Fix: Use fullbase to avoid duplicate base in path
2018-12-05 Use Js::buffer() so script blocks are emitted at the same time
2018-12-05 Change to league/flysystem
2018-12-05 Fix: need to extract keys for check
2018-12-05 Core: Show featured image when available
2018-12-05 Wysiwyg: Remove unneeded config keys
2018-12-05 Attachments: Remove legacy 2.x use
2018-12-05 Attachments: Enable BulkProcess
2018-12-05 Add intervention/image
2018-12-05 Add jquery.fileupload
2018-12-02 fixed import path