CakePHP Routing packages

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msadouni / cakephp-ticket-6320

Routing has:config has:controller version:2.x

Enhancement for Router url generation for plugins

Phally / route_enhancements

Routing version:2.x

Two powerful custom route classes for CakePHP 1.3. Should take the pain away when working with legacy URLs.

Pollenizer / CakePHP-Route-Plugin

Routing has:behavior has:config has:lib has:model has:readme version:2.x

A CakePHP Plugin for handling all your database-driven routing needs

ricog / smart_redirect

Routing has:helper has:view version:2.x

This CakePHP plugin allows your apps to automatically return to the page of origin after adding, editing and deleting.

Signified / CakePHP-Model-Route-Class

Routing version:1.3.x

A CakePHP class for forward and reverse routing of routes accessible via a model. For example, routes stored in a database table.