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akiyan / cakephp-mysql-fulltext-search-patch

Search version:2.x

Support to MySQL fulltext search syntax in CakePHP Model::find method.

angel333 / listing

Search has:helper version:2.x

A CakePHP plugin that allows you to paginate, search, filter and sort multiple listings (even from different models) on one page. It has also scaffolds and view code generation.

drdouglasghd / CakePHP-Filtering-Plugin

Search version:2.x

Allows for Custom Filtering and Searching Abstraction for any controller/view, includes support for Cake Pagination, and Multiple Value Searches

finsterdexter / cakephp-searchable-behavior

Search has:model version:2.x

SearchableBehavior for CakePHP; using a SearchIndex model; this is my fork of the great work done by calin.don

jamienay / zend_search_lucene_source

Search has:datasource version:2.x

ZendSearchLuceneSource - datasource for CakePHP

jrbasso / super_find

Search has:readme version:2.x

The Super Find is a plugin to CakePHP that allows you to search using the fields in models of relationships hasMany and HABTM (hasAndBelongsToMany).

kalt / search

Search has:readme version:1.3.x

Multi-model site search plugin for CakePHP