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ProLoser / CakePHP-Answers-Plugin

Application has:controller has:model version:2.x

A Yahoo! Answers-like question/answer database with answer ratings and favorite questions.

ProLoser / ITC

Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:model version:2.x

Team Art Engineered's Information Technology Competition Project 2010 at Cal Poly Pomona

ProLoser / Stinson-L-5-Stuff

Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:model version:2.x

A website I made for my grandfather to help him sell his airplane parts online

ProLoser / CakePHP-SplitForm-Helper

Forms has:helper has:readme version:2.x

Splits grouped form inputs into separate groups or individual inputs

ProLoser / CakePHP-Welcome

User Management has:readme version:2.x

A quick way to add rudimentary Auth/User code (registration, email, password updating, etc)

ProLoser / CakePHP-Cart

Payment Processing has:config has:controller has:datasource has:helper has:model has:readme has:shell version:2.x

One plugin to package together all the tools needed to build your own shopping cart in CakePHP

ProLoser /

Plugin Application has:controller has:model has:vendor version:2.x

Simple script to scrape for a project I'm working on. Figured I'd share the code

ProLoser / CakePHP-Cacheable

Caching has:behavior has:readme version:2.x

Store model queries in cache and refer back to them later.

ProLoser / TempleBethTikvah-Website

Application has:config has:controller has:model version:2.x

Just a backup of written in CakePHP

ProLoser / CakePHP-Batch

Search has:helper has:readme version:2.x

Search / Filter and Update / Delete in batches your paginated results

ProLoser / CakePHP-CSV

Third-party Apis has:behavior has:composer has:readme has:tests version:3.x

A component that will import/export data from a csv file into a save-friendly nested model data array format.