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georgious / cakephp-yaml-migrations-and-fixtures

Deployment has:license has:shell license:mit version:2.x

A CakePHP vendor and shell libraries which help using YAML migrations without the PEAR library.

Grafikart / CakePHP-Taxonomy

Categorization has:behavior has:config has:controller has:helper has:model has:readme has:shell version:2.x

Allow developer to create a quick and fast taxonomy system using CakePHP Framework

Grafikart / CakePHP-Media

File Managers/Uploading has:behavior has:composer has:config has:controller has:fixture has:helper has:locale has:model has:readme has:shell has:tests has:travis keyword:behaviour keyword:media keyword:model keyword:models license:mit version:2.x

The main goal of this plugin is to give you the ability to create and associatie any kind of media with your content. This system use behaviour to associate medias with your content and a helper to manage the UI.

Hyra / PHPUnit-Cake2

Testing has:readme has:shell has:tests version:2.x

PHPUnit files needed to run PHPUnit as standalone in Cake 2.0