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cakephp-fr / recaptcha

has:composer has:config has:controller has:helper has:readme has:tests has:travis keyword:bootstrap keyword:captcha keyword:google keyword:recaptcha license:mit version:3.x

To easily use Google Recaptcha (free CAPTCHA service that protect websites from spam and abuse) in CakePHP projects

elboletaire / twbs-cake-plugin

View has:composer has:config has:license has:readme keyword:bootstrap keyword:plugin keyword:template license:mit version:3.x

Twitter Bootstrap Plugin for CakePHP 3 with bundled less.php and less.js parsers, helpers and bake templates

WebAndCow / CakePHP-BsHelpers

View has:composer has:helper has:license has:readme has:tests has:travis keyword:bootstrap keyword:twitter license:mit version:2.x

Extension of the CakePHP's FormHelper and HtmlHelper to use the framework Twitter Bootstrap v3.0.0 more easily