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burzum / cakephp-html-purifier

Security has:behavior has:composer has:helper has:lib has:license has:readme has:shell keyword:html keyword:markup keyword:purifier keyword:sanitize keyword:tidy keyword:validation license:mit version:3.x

This is a CakePHP wrapper for the HTML Purifier lib. The plugin includes a trait, a view helper, a behavior and a shell to clean your markup wherever you like, in the view or in the model layer or clean any table and field using the shell.

froala / wysiwyg-cake

WYSIWYG editors has:composer has:config has:controller has:helper has:readme has:tests keyword:editor keyword:froala keyword:html keyword:javascript keyword:jquery keyword:jquery-plugin keyword:rte keyword:text keyword:wysiwyg license:proprietary version:3.x

CakePHP Plugin for Froala Javascript WYSIWYG Text Editor. The editor is free only for non-commercial projects. For commercial applications you have to purchase a license from