CakePHP Security packages

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cyberthom / Attempt-Component

Security has:model has:readme version:2.x

A simple component to protect sensitive actions from brute force attacks

ichikaway / SecurePHP

Security has:composer has:config has:readme keyword:php keyword:security license:mit version:2.x

SecurePHP is the PHP library for security. Delete control characters(ex. null byte) and invalid array keyname(_SERVER, _GET, etc)

jeremyharris / sanitizer

Security has:behavior has:fixture has:readme has:tests version:2.x

Sanitizer is CakePHP plugin that makes it very easy to automatically sanitize your data.

jmillerdesign / Cipher-Behavior-for-CakePHP

Security has:behavior has:readme version:2.x

A wrapper for Security::cipher to automatically encrypt/decrypt specified fields

LubosRemplik / CakePHP-Encrypt-Plugin

Security has:readme version:2.x

A CakePHP Plugin used for encrypt/decrypt data

petteyg / html_purifier

Security version:2.x

HTML Purifier CakePHP plugin

sampdelaney / google_recaptcha

Security has:controller has:helper has:license has:model has:readme license:mit version:2.x

A Google reCAPTCHA plugin for CakePHP. Protect your CakePHP application from spam and abuse while letting real people pass through with ease.

Signified / CakePHP-Crypt-Component

Security has:license license:mit version:1.3.x

A CakePHP component used for encrypting/decrypting data

thatcode / EncryptableBehaviour

Security version:2.x

Store data encrypted in the db transparently

voidet / grey_tables

Security has:authenticate has:behavior has:readme version:2.x

A CakePHP Behaviour to protect against rainbow tables