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aschelch / cakephp-readable-behavior

Messaging has:behavior has:composer has:fixture has:readme has:tests keyword:behavior version:2.x

CakePHP ReadableBehavior provides a simple behavior to make a 'Mark as Read/Unread' feature for your models

atkrad / data-tables

has:composer has:license has:readme has:tests has:travis license:mit version:2.x

DataTables is a php library for the DataTables jQuery plug-in.

AudiologyHoldings / Lockable-CakePHP

Model has:behavior has:license has:readme has:tests has:travis license:mit version:2.x

CakePHP LockableBehavior for concurrancy locking via Mutex and/or Redis

ava007 / cakephp-enterprise-plugin

A plugin for upgrading your CakePHP apps to an enterprise level

ava007 / cakephp-secureids-plugin

A CakePHP plugin for using secure, non-incremental IDs for models

ava007 / cakephp-sparkpost-plugin

A CakePHP plugin for sending mail via SparkPost's REST API

azzzy / Croogo-ElFinder-Plugin

File Managers/Uploading has:config has:controller version:2.x

Plugin for replacing the default file manager with the ElFinder AJAX filemanager from http://elrte.org/elfinder

balthisar / JDMultipage

Plugin Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:model has:readme has:tests version:2.x

Static multiple page controller with nifty features for CakePHP 2.4+

balthisar / JDSparkle

Third-party Apis has:config has:controller has:model has:readme version:2.x

Simply integrate Mac OS X Sparkle Update API into your CakePHP website.