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josegonzalez / webservice_plugin

API Creation has:readme has:view version:2.x

CakePHP plugin that takes the data you set and automatically serves it as JSON and XML

k1LoW / viewpath

Developer Tools has:helper has:readme has:view version:2.x

Viewpath: View file path display plugin for CakePHP

kanshin / CakeSmarty

View has:readme has:view version:2.x

Smarty 3 plugin for CakePHP 1.3

kenners / uamuzi-bora

Application has:app has:config has:controller has:datasource has:elements has:helper has:lib has:license has:model has:readme has:view license:mit version:2.x

New main fork is here: http://github.com/uamuzibora/uamuzi-bora. A basic HIV Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system using CakePHP.

lorenzo / osmosis

Application has:config has:controller has:helper has:locale has:model has:shell has:view version:2.x

Modular Learning Management System based on the concept of connectivism and web 2.0