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fdeschenes / cakephp-dompdf-view

View has:config has:license has:readme has:view license:mit version:2.x

A CakePHP plugin for creating and/or rendering PDF documents using dompdf

felixge / cakephp-authsome

Authentication has:readme version:2.x

Auth for people who hate the Auth component

fnitschmann / CakePHP-Twitter-Plugin

Third-party Apis has:readme version:1.3.x

A simple plugin to use the the Twitter API with OAuth and CakePHP version 1.3.*

FriendsOfCake / CakePdf

View has:app has:composer has:config has:helper has:license has:readme has:tests has:travis has:view license:mit version:3.x

CakePHP plugin for creating and/or rendering Pdfs, several Pdf engines supported.

FriendsOfCake / crud

Admin Interface has:composer has:license has:readme keyword:bake keyword:create keyword:crud keyword:delete keyword:retrieve keyword:scaffold keyword:scaffolding keyword:update license:mit version:3.x

CakePHP Application development on steroids - rapid prototyping / scaffolding & production ready code - XML / JSON APIs and more