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2018-06-25 Fix phpstan require statement.
2018-06-25 Merge remote-tracking branch 'origin/4.x' into 4.x-class-name
2018-06-25 Fix phpstan require statement.
2018-06-25 Add strict_types to events.
2018-06-25 Add typehints to event classes. A few implementations of events were missing the required interfaces. I've shored that up too.
2018-06-25 Update php version.
2018-06-25 Fix return tag
2018-06-25 Update version number to 3.6.6
2018-06-25 add findByXxx method recognition
2018-06-25 Create TableFindByPropertyMethodReflection.php
2018-06-25 Use Plugin::load() when creating classless plugins. I completely missed that Plugin::load() does a bunch of work to generate the correct paths for plugins. By using Plugin::load() and fetching the created plugin we can leverage the same logic. There is an argument to be had around deprecating Plugin::load(). Given the troubles plugin classes have given us I'm not comfortable in doing that right now. Refs #122271
2018-06-25 Move plugin configuration file loading to PluginCollection Moving the loading of this file here allows us Plugin to get slimmer making `Plugin::load()` easier to deprecate later. It also solves a problem where the plugin configuration wouldn't be loaded if an application used all new style plugins. While this might not matter, I suspect there is an application somewhere that does. I've also moved plugin path resolution into PluginCollection. This makes sharing logic between the two plugin paths easier preventing code duplication. I've opted to make BaseApplication::makePlugin() protected as I mistakenly made it public before.
2018-06-25 Replace deprecated 'fieldList' with 'fields' in phpdoc
2018-06-25 Merge branch 'master' into
2018-06-24 Fix return tag