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Date Commit Message
2018-10-16 Add php7.3 to build matrix in allow failure mode.
2018-10-16 Check for `is_numeric()` instead of `is_scalar()`. Fixes issue #12509
2018-10-16 Fix entity route incorrectly handling placeholders In addition to incorrectly handling `:` prefixed parameters EntityRoute did not handle brace parameters at all. Instead of re-parsing the route, we can compile the route template and use the extracted data to find entity data. Refs #12572
2018-10-16 Remove message from assertSame
2018-10-16 Make implicit TODO comment a explicit one
2018-10-16 Exclude TODO sniff for development
2018-10-16 Reword warning
2018-10-16 Make RouteBuilder::redirect() return route instances
2018-10-16 Make mocks more representative of actual behavior.
2018-10-16 Use deprecationWarning()
2018-10-16 Update doc block to indicate absolute path requirement. Fixes #12567
2018-10-16 Use getRequest() instead of request
2018-10-16 Warn if CsrfComponent is used together with CsrfProtectionMiddleware
2018-10-16 Start using pool() internally in Cache Start adopting the new pool() method and PSR16 interface internally. There are a number of current day `Cache` methods that don't fit inside the PSR16 interface. I am considering adding our own interface that encompasses these methods as static tools will complain about `pool()->increment()` in the future.
2018-10-16 Removed some conditionals from review notes.
2018-10-16 Fix failing unit tests. I'm not sure if these changes maintain the original intent of the tests. It looks like they were written specifically to see if the integer would be preserved in a string of text. Either way, the tests have been updated to reflect the framework changes and should pass now.
2018-10-16 Throw exception on `manyToPHP()` for non-numeric.
2018-10-15 Remove tests for deprecated code.
2018-10-15 Remove deprecated TableRegistry methods and update tests.
2018-10-15 Add back test incorrectly removed.
2018-10-15 Throw exception for unsafe order() usage.