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jadb / cakephp-plugin-callbacks

Model has:app has:config has:license has:model has:readme license:mit version:2.x

[DEPRECATED] Enables callbacks in plugins' models for other than the default CakePHP defined methods

jboesch / CakePHP-JavaScript-Unit-Testing

Testing has:app has:config has:readme has:shell version:2.x

Run JavaScript unit tests in CakePHP from the browser and the command line using Jasmine. Output the results to JUnit XML!

jedt / flashub.com

Application has:app has:resource version:1.3.x

[This Project is POSTPONED] e-junkie clone but more features provided to independent software and php script vendors. E-junkie is a shopping cart for downloadable goods. Built using cakephp.

joelmoss / pureset

Application has:app has:readme version:2.x

[WIP] Tailor made issue management for Developers / Managers / QA / End-users

josegonzalez / app_skellington

Skeleton has:app has:readme has:resource version:1.3.x

builds a barebones cakephp app skeleton based on the db config. Somewhat deprecated, see cake_admin

kenners / uamuzi-bora

Application has:app has:config has:controller has:datasource has:elements has:helper has:lib has:license has:model has:readme has:view license:mit version:2.x

New main fork is here: http://github.com/uamuzibora/uamuzi-bora. A basic HIV Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system using CakePHP.