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josegonzalez / cakephp-calendar-helper

View has:helper has:readme version:2.x

Deprecated: helper that can turn a list of events into a nice, tableized calendar

josegonzalez / cakephp-supervalidatable-behavior

Model version:1.3.x

packaging delicious validation rules into one behavior :)

josegonzalez / cakephp-commentable-behavior

Messaging has:readme version:2.x

Deprecated: behavior that allows any model to be commented upon

josegonzalez / cakephp-blueprint-helper

View has:helper version:2.x

Deprecated: blueprintcss helper that facilitates some of the oft-repeated parts of the framework

josegonzalez / codebasehq_plugin

Other/Unknown version:1.3.x

CakePHP Shell to calculate CodeBaseHQ time using git commit messages

josegonzalez / stylish_errors

Error Handling version:1.3.x

Creates Rails-style error messages in your view (with session messages included!). Just add "echo $errors_for_layout;"

josegonzalez / cakephp-codebasehq

has:shell version:2.x

Deprecated: Shell than can calculate CodeBaseHQ time using git commit messages

josegonzalez / inflection

Other/Unknown version:1.3.x

Inflect the heck out of your word(s)

josegonzalez / serializable

Model has:readme version:1.3.x

Store serializable data within relational databases in a snap with this CakePHP Behavior

josegonzalez / trimmable-behavior

Third-party Apis has:readme version:1.3.x

cakephp behavior plugin that creates a shorturl for the current record

josegonzalez / webservice_plugin

API Creation has:readme has:view version:2.x

CakePHP plugin that takes the data you set and automatically serves it as JSON and XML

josegonzalez / package_installer

Utility has:readme version:1.3.x

VERY BETA, NOT FUNCTIONAL IN THE SLIGHTEST. Install cakephp packages (plugins, applications, utilities) using this plugin.

josegonzalez / retranslatable-behavior

Internationalization version:1.3.x

Stop worrying about populating your translation data AFTER you have your app built and database populated

josegonzalez / database_logger

Error Handling has:readme version:1.3.x

The example CakePHP DatabaseLogger as a repository

josegonzalez / sitemap-helper

SEO version:1.3.x

a simple helper plugin for cakephp that will help you build xml sitemaps and sitemap indexes

josegonzalez / twilio

Third-party Apis has:readme version:1.3.x

A cakephp datasource for twilio with support for the major Model methods

josegonzalez / autocomplete

Example has:resource version:1.3.x

jquery autocomplete tutorial for 1.3

josegonzalez / documentation

Other/Unknown version:1.3.x

An INCOMPLETE re-implementation of the CakePHP documentation as a series of tutorials. CakePHP 1.3 ONLY. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License

josegonzalez / app_skellington

Skeleton has:app has:readme has:resource version:1.3.x

builds a barebones cakephp app skeleton based on the db config. Somewhat deprecated, see cake_admin

josegonzalez / cake-vagrant

has:readme has:travis version:1.3.x

a vagrant installation with all the necessary chef cookbooks to run a basic cakephp application

josegonzalez / cakephp-ajax-controller

has:composer has:lib has:license has:readme has:tests has:travis license:mit version:2.x

Automatically support ajax requests from popular Javascript libraries without any more thought.